Friday, May 16, 2008

I've made up my mind

Vote Ron Paul

After much thought and consideration into the subject, I have decided that on June 3rd, I will cast my vote for Ron Paul. Although there is a slim-to-none chance for Ron Paul to take the nomination, it sends a message to John McCain that some people aren't happy with his policies and views on the issues.

Paul's views on the war in Iraq, the economy, heath care, and many other items are far greater than John McCain's. McCain has even said that he doesn't know much about the economy, and that is one of his weaker areas. Well, in a time like today, we need someone to have a strong view on the economy, much like Barack Obama and Ron Paul have shown. McCain's policies with staying in Iraq also worry me. My grandparents have served two rounds in Iraq, and I would hate to see them go back for another 6+ months. I feel that we are there for the wrong reasons, and McCain has almost slipped up a couple of times as to the true reasons for us being in Iraq.

I highly encourage New Mexicans to think about this and vote for Ron Paul either now, during early voting, or on June 3rd. When talking to people, be them friends or relatives, or people on the street, I get a sense that many people aren't happy with the war in Iraq, and Ron Paul is the Republican candidate that can help solve these kinds of issues.

You can read more about Ron Paul and his views on the issues on his website:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush Being Bitter

Over the past couple of days that has been a lot of controversy surrounding President Bush's remarks. and Yahoo! held an interview with the President, in which he made a series of remarks that angered myself, as well as Keith Olbermann. Olbermann gave a "special comment" on his show last night that was well beyond what anyone could express... he pretty much summed up what everybody was thinking.
You can read a diary entry that Olbermann wrote on the Daily Kos here.

What pissed me off most about one of the answers that Bush gave, was he said that if a democrat was elected to office, there would be another terrorist attack on the United States. President Bush is just using the good old Republican scare tactics like Hillary Clinton has used throughout this whole campaign. (Anyone see any connections by the way?)

And today, while President Bush is in Israel, he took a cheap shot at Barack Obama. I won't even go into what he said, I'll just give my reaction. What the hell? I mean, the President and his cabinet have had negotiations with North Korea haven't they? Bill Richardson was able to retrieve remains of a soldier from Noth Korea within the past couple of years right? Does he not see that sitting down with world leaders and ambassadors could actually make an impact? I mean, I'm sorry that it hasn't worked for the Bush administration, but Barack Obama has a good point with doing this. Iran has gotten stronger during the President's term. So have Hamas, Hezbollah, AND al Qaeda.

That's one of the reasons why I'm leaning towards Obama. He is willing to sit down and try to work things out, instead of doing the same things that McCain will probably continue that happened during the Bush terms.

And by the way. When Howard Dean called upon McCain to denounce these comments, to give him a chance to separate himself further from President Bush... he agreed! That my friends is the reason why a McCain term in the White House would be bad for our country not only economically, but will do further damage to the United State's standing in the world today.

Why do you think Bush is being this way? Is he acting bitter because of the democrats gaining momentum all accross the country? Is he mad that congress is losing republican seats to democrats in highly conservative districts?

It's sad to see him stoop to this level, though I am not surprised in the least.

Please share your opinions, whether you agree with me or not. I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards endorses Obama

Let the flood gates open! John Edwards closed the door on Hillary Clinton today when he pledged his endorsement to Barack Obama (In Grand Rapids, Michigan of all places). Obama today played the trump card that he had been holding. He shushed the media talk about Clinton's win in West Virginia, and now the talk is about how much momentum he has.
Edwards carries 18 delegates, which are free to switch over to Obama if they so chose. If they do this, Obama will be close to having a majority of the pledged delegates left, and will surely get them when he wins Oregon.

Now, does this endorsement mean that Edwards will be the VP? Not necessarily. If I remember correctly, I believe Edwards said he wouldn't want to campaign in that spot again. Will he be apart of Obama's cabinet if he becomes president? Most possibly, but we won't know for a while.

It's funny. I was talking with my grandfather today, who is an independent. I asked him about the VP situation, and Hillary Clinton came up. He said jokingly: "I'd make her ambassador to Antarctica where we wouldn't hear from her for a long time." That made me laugh, hopefully it helps you laugh as well.

Time to get the ball rolling!

(You can read the AP article here.)

Edit: You can view a video of Edwards's endorsement here. And you can view his full speech here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clinton's Campaign Manager got it wrong

I want to congratulate Clinton on her win in West Virginia. I wish Obama had actually campaigned (tried) there, maybe he could have decreased Clinton's margin of victory.

I'm watching Hillary's campaign manager speak on MSNBC right now about why Florida and Michigan should be seated. He just said that it isn't Florida's fault that they moved their campaign up because it was done mostly by a Republican Governor. Am I mistaken? I didn't think that the governor really had any control over when elections were held. It was up to the Democratic Party in Florida - wasn't it? I think it's funny how he's trying to blame it on the Republicans, when really it was his own party's fault.

I want to add one more thing. I think it's hilarious seeing all of these Hillary Clinton supporters saying "McCain or Hillary in '08". Seems Hillary supporters don't agree with her own views on issues. McCain is pro-war, doesn't know ANYTHING about the economy, and of course fails in knowledge on a lot of other issues. Do Hillary supporters want the dollar to keep declining? Do they really want to stay in Iraq for 100 years? I'm just loving this tantrum that they are throwing because their candidate most likely won't win.

I'll come out and say it, I'm leaning towards Obama. (If you've read my entries, you can probably tell.) I don't think I would have any problem voting for Clinton, though I don't agree with her on some issues, McCain is no better. Both are exceptional candidates. Although I've made calls trying to rack up votes for Obama, I don't think it would be terrible or devastating to have Clinton in the White House.

Edit- Another funny slip up tonight that I saw earlier. I think it was a congressman from West Virginia who called John McCain: John McBush. Priceless. I'll try to find a video of it, or if anyone finds one before me, please post the link in the comments.
Edit 2- You can view the video here.

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Mexico Add-on for Obama

There was a lot of controversy here in New Mexico when Laurie Weahkee was chosen as our add-on superdelegate. At the time, Weahkee claimed to be undecided, but there was speculation that she might endorse Obama because, coming from a Native American background, there has been a lot of support from Obama from the Native Americans. Hillary Clinton won New Mexico by a slim-margin, but has gotten the support of 6 superdelegates so far including Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish and Albuqueruqe mayor Martin Chavez.
There was a lot reported on the subject on the news and in the Albuquerque Journal, asking questions about whether Brian Colón, chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico appointed Weakhee because he knew she would endorse Obama (Colón later endorsed Obama on May 5th). You can read more about the controversy on Heath Haussamen's blog.
Weahkee became the 270th superdelegate to endorse Obama according to his blog.

New Mexico has 11 of 12 of their superdelegates supporting a candidate. Clinton has 6, while Obama has 5. Congressman Tom Udall has yet to endorse a candidate, but there has been speculation that he has been leaning towards Obama. (He insists, however, that he is still uncommitted.)

In other New Mexico politics news, I got polled the other day by the Steve Pearce campaign. Congressman Pearce is running against Congressman Heather Wilson for Pete Domenici's vacated seat. I am supporting Heather Wilson in this race, and probably will support her all the way through to the general election. (I hope others will do the same, she has done great things for New Mexico.)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bob Barr seeking Presidency

So a commenter the other day asked me to research a bit about Bob Barr. I have been doing some reading in the past couple of days, and today when he announced that he will be seeking the Libertarian nomination for president - I thought it would be fitting to write my opinions on him.
It seems that he has some republican backing. He was elected as a republican to congress in Georgia. Reason Magazine notes that he is "one of the most conservative members of Congress." And from reading a bit on wikipedia, it looks like he was one of the major contributors to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He has also been an advocate for the War on Drugs.

While being a tough conservative, as well as not afraid for speaking out; with Barr possibly receiving the nomination for the Libertarians could possibly take votes from John McCain. By reading some stories, he has a strong support group, much like Ron Paul (though I don't think as strong). With Ron Paul running as a Libertarian in the past, I really believe that a Barr/Paul ticket could attract votes that McCain would potentially get. Does anyone else agree?

Link to CNN article

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Super Tuesday Part II Analysis - Obama's night

I was keeping my eye on the T.V. and computer all night. We all knew from the beginning that Obama would take North Carolina, but I wasn't expecting it by so much. Didn't recent polls say Clinton got within 6-8 points? The one I kept my eye on all night (like most of the nation) was Indiana. It went from about a 22 point lead, down to 18, to 16, to 14, then finally down to Clinton having 50.7% of the vote and Obama having 49.3% of the vote. Clinton won by about 1.4%. (I did my homework this time folks!)
One thing that puzzled me all night was Lake County. I was watching CNN when the mayor from Hammond and the mayor form Gary were arguing about why the votes were taking so long to count. (The mayor from Hammond made a fool out of Mayor Clay.) The mayor from Hammond even suggested earlier that there might be some suspicious activity going on. Well, if there was some shady things going on, then I think Obama would have won by a larger margin.
All in all, I think it was a great night for Obama. Coming off of a hard last few weeks, being ridiculed about every movement, and standing up against John McCain's gas tax, he did better than I expected him to... especially in Indiana where according to Polls, Clinton had a 4-6 point lead. Look for a ton of superdelegates to make their way to Obama today. One already has, and he switched over from supporting Clinton. (Edit: Upon looking into this, it doesn't look like he is a superdelegate, rather just an endorser.) Another Edit: It appears as if 4-5 more superdelegates endorsed Obama today.

I now think it is time for Clinton to drop out. She loaned her campaign an additional $6.4 million last month, and there is no way that she can raise enough money to make any decent strides. (Although West Virginia and Kentucky look very much in play for her) When she was making her speech last night, and I looked at Bill Clinton, he didn't have a smile on his face. It was like he was staring into space... or at something else if you get my drift.

I just want to add one more thing before I close. I love it when Lanny Davis goes onto CNN to add his opinion... he makes such a fool out of himself. I remember him talking about last night about democratic states that Hillary will win that Obama won't, and he mentioned Utah. I mean... euhm... Utah is probably one of the most, if not THE most, republican state in the US. Does he even check his facts before talking? Probably not. I can't wait for Flavia Colgan to get on there in a debate with him again so she can make an even bigger fool out of him like she always does.

Do you think it's time for Clinton to drop out? Is there any chance left?