Friday, May 16, 2008

I've made up my mind

Vote Ron Paul

After much thought and consideration into the subject, I have decided that on June 3rd, I will cast my vote for Ron Paul. Although there is a slim-to-none chance for Ron Paul to take the nomination, it sends a message to John McCain that some people aren't happy with his policies and views on the issues.

Paul's views on the war in Iraq, the economy, heath care, and many other items are far greater than John McCain's. McCain has even said that he doesn't know much about the economy, and that is one of his weaker areas. Well, in a time like today, we need someone to have a strong view on the economy, much like Barack Obama and Ron Paul have shown. McCain's policies with staying in Iraq also worry me. My grandparents have served two rounds in Iraq, and I would hate to see them go back for another 6+ months. I feel that we are there for the wrong reasons, and McCain has almost slipped up a couple of times as to the true reasons for us being in Iraq.

I highly encourage New Mexicans to think about this and vote for Ron Paul either now, during early voting, or on June 3rd. When talking to people, be them friends or relatives, or people on the street, I get a sense that many people aren't happy with the war in Iraq, and Ron Paul is the Republican candidate that can help solve these kinds of issues.

You can read more about Ron Paul and his views on the issues on his website:

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