Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bob Barr seeking Presidency

So a commenter the other day asked me to research a bit about Bob Barr. I have been doing some reading in the past couple of days, and today when he announced that he will be seeking the Libertarian nomination for president - I thought it would be fitting to write my opinions on him.
It seems that he has some republican backing. He was elected as a republican to congress in Georgia. Reason Magazine notes that he is "one of the most conservative members of Congress." And from reading a bit on wikipedia, it looks like he was one of the major contributors to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He has also been an advocate for the War on Drugs.

While being a tough conservative, as well as not afraid for speaking out; with Barr possibly receiving the nomination for the Libertarians could possibly take votes from John McCain. By reading some stories, he has a strong support group, much like Ron Paul (though I don't think as strong). With Ron Paul running as a Libertarian in the past, I really believe that a Barr/Paul ticket could attract votes that McCain would potentially get. Does anyone else agree?

Link to CNN article

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