Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards endorses Obama

Let the flood gates open! John Edwards closed the door on Hillary Clinton today when he pledged his endorsement to Barack Obama (In Grand Rapids, Michigan of all places). Obama today played the trump card that he had been holding. He shushed the media talk about Clinton's win in West Virginia, and now the talk is about how much momentum he has.
Edwards carries 18 delegates, which are free to switch over to Obama if they so chose. If they do this, Obama will be close to having a majority of the pledged delegates left, and will surely get them when he wins Oregon.

Now, does this endorsement mean that Edwards will be the VP? Not necessarily. If I remember correctly, I believe Edwards said he wouldn't want to campaign in that spot again. Will he be apart of Obama's cabinet if he becomes president? Most possibly, but we won't know for a while.

It's funny. I was talking with my grandfather today, who is an independent. I asked him about the VP situation, and Hillary Clinton came up. He said jokingly: "I'd make her ambassador to Antarctica where we wouldn't hear from her for a long time." That made me laugh, hopefully it helps you laugh as well.

Time to get the ball rolling!

(You can read the AP article here.)

Edit: You can view a video of Edwards's endorsement here. And you can view his full speech here.

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