Friday, May 2, 2008

Why John Edwards won't endorse Hillary Clinton

One of the superdelegates that we are all waiting for to endorse a candidate is John Edwards. Shortly after Senator Edwards dropped out of the race, it was well known that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in private meetings with him. Hillary was the first (within a few days) to jump on the chance to meet one on one with the former Presidential candidate, while Obama didn't even meet with him (or did he? I remember he "postponed" the meeting). The matters of these meetings were never really disclosed, but I'm sure we are all smart enough to determine what was going on behind closed doors.
In a debate on MSNBC in October of 2007, Edwards made his views clear as to why Clinton should not become president.
Addressing Hillary Clinton:

"Another reason why the republicans keep on talking about Senator Clinton is because Senator they may actually want to run against you, and that's the reason they keep bringing you up."

"Will she be the person who brings about change in this country? You know, I believe in Santa Claus, and I believe in the tooth fairy, but I don't think that's going to happen... I really don't. And I think if people want the status quo - Senator Clinton is your candidate."
(You can see the tape of this segment here.)

If you remember a few days ago, I made a post saying the exact same thing. The reason the Republicans and John McCain are attacking Barack Obama is because they think it will be easier to run against Clinton and win. Now, I do think John Edwards was running for Vice President (again) in this campaign, and I do believe that when he makes his endorsement it will be for Obama. One of the main things that Edwards and Obama have fought for since the beginning of this race, is to go after the lobbyist influence on Washington. There has been speculation that Edwards will be Obama's running mate and it will be announced shortly after the endorsement, but that is just one of the many rumors floating around. And I honestly have no problem with that, I think they would be a better ticket than Kerry/Edwards.
So, I think this will honestly be another big endorsement for Obama, the only question is... when?

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