Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The good thing about the internet

While I was browsing Digg today, I came across an image with the digg entitled "What I hate about Digg". In the description, the digger isn't very happy with how Obama and Hillary are being portrayed on the internet.

And no, we won't just hide the 2008 Elections section from our accounts. The election is interesting. Hearing how ONE candidate is awesome and all the other suck is not interesting. It's spam, and it's annoying.

The image shows how top stories are mainly anti-Clinton or pro-Obama. While the media has hit Barack Obama hard, or given much attention to Hillary Clinton (CNN to mention one), the internet has provided a place for people to share news and stories about why they think Obama, or any other candidate for that matter, is the best choice for President. Bloggers, journalists, and many other people have conveyed their support for Obama, and the number of "diggs" shows that people agree. The internet users want to make sure that their opinion is heard (much like the reason I made this blog) and this is the best way to do it. It is no one's fault that the Obama supporters are taking advantage of this.
And this isn't just on Digg. I browse Reddit and I see the same story. Anything with a title bashing Clinton, or Obama for that matter shows up with a lot of comments and positive/negative points.

Has the internet had much influence on the election? Has it had any influence on you or anyone you know in particular?

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