Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clinton's Campaign Manager got it wrong

I want to congratulate Clinton on her win in West Virginia. I wish Obama had actually campaigned (tried) there, maybe he could have decreased Clinton's margin of victory.

I'm watching Hillary's campaign manager speak on MSNBC right now about why Florida and Michigan should be seated. He just said that it isn't Florida's fault that they moved their campaign up because it was done mostly by a Republican Governor. Am I mistaken? I didn't think that the governor really had any control over when elections were held. It was up to the Democratic Party in Florida - wasn't it? I think it's funny how he's trying to blame it on the Republicans, when really it was his own party's fault.

I want to add one more thing. I think it's hilarious seeing all of these Hillary Clinton supporters saying "McCain or Hillary in '08". Seems Hillary supporters don't agree with her own views on issues. McCain is pro-war, doesn't know ANYTHING about the economy, and of course fails in knowledge on a lot of other issues. Do Hillary supporters want the dollar to keep declining? Do they really want to stay in Iraq for 100 years? I'm just loving this tantrum that they are throwing because their candidate most likely won't win.

I'll come out and say it, I'm leaning towards Obama. (If you've read my entries, you can probably tell.) I don't think I would have any problem voting for Clinton, though I don't agree with her on some issues, McCain is no better. Both are exceptional candidates. Although I've made calls trying to rack up votes for Obama, I don't think it would be terrible or devastating to have Clinton in the White House.

Edit- Another funny slip up tonight that I saw earlier. I think it was a congressman from West Virginia who called John McCain: John McBush. Priceless. I'll try to find a video of it, or if anyone finds one before me, please post the link in the comments.
Edit 2- You can view the video here.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I can understand being passionate about your canidate, but it's pointless to say "well if not Hillary, then I'm voting McCain." So basically you'd have 4 more years of Bush like policy because you didn't have your way? You'd pass up the chance to end a war because you didn't get your way?

I know this sounds very Rove, but I think it should be phrased this way. If you DON'T vote Obama if it's Obama vs. McCain, more young American soldiers will go to die because YOU couldn't have your way.

Mike said...

Exactly! You said it better than I did. ;)