Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Should McCain have a debate with Ron Paul?

Yes, I found this while browsing as well. On a grassroots website for Ron Paul, there is a poll on their front page asking whether if Ron Paul should have a debate with John McCain. I for one would love to see a debate like this. Although I am disappointed to say this, this won't really help Ron Paul get the nomination this late in the election. I do, however, think that it will help him expose John McCain on his lack of knowledge on the issues.

I would also be interested to see if John McCain would accept or decline the offer. If he does decline, you can bet the Ron Paul supporters will be pulling "he is afraid" card. Ron Paul has everything to gain, and John McCain has a lot to lose, so I can see why McCain would decline the debate in the first place.

Results so far have 971 people saying yes, while 39 people say no. You can view the poll at: http://www.ronpaul.com/.

So what do you think? Should McCain debate Paul on the issues? Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

Why would McCain agree to this? He would gain nothing from it.

Mike said...

The possibility of proving how well he can handle on the spot questions. He hasn't been able to recently.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a Neocon shill that was bought and paid for long ago. Why would we care about his answers? Any thinking human being that has lifted themselves from a fog knows that McCain could never even show up in a debate against Ron Paul. Ron Paul does not speak of the fundamentals of the Republican party; he speaks for only the Constitution. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, I am voting for Bob Barr. Do yourself a favor, and research Bob Barr. If this country is going to exist, we must stop the imposing of governmental control on liberty. Liberty is the only gift given at birth with no money and no question. Every man deserves liberty until they decide willingly to give it away. We have all done it. We are scum. We have let them steal our gift. When will we decide to take it back?

Richard said...

McCain is nuts but I don't think he is dumb enough to even try to match wits or truth with Ron Paul.

jcr said...

McCain could certainly use the education of spending a couple hours with Dr. Paul, but he couldn't possibly improve his chances in the general election by doing so.


ilovetheconstitution said...

Considering every other debate this election process, it would probably end up being that McCain speaks for 45 minutes, while Ron Paul gets about 15 minutes.

In which McCain will get multiple questions in a row, under the banner "because he's the nominee", and Ron Paul will get asked stupid questions on things which aren't even issues during his time, like why is he still in the race if he can't win, or does he belong in the Republican party.

And I don't need for him to turn down this debate to pull the he's too scared to debate card. All the other candidates are scared to death to debate Ron Paul. Exactly why he has so much bias against him, because their superficial arguments don't add up.

But I hope it does happen. It won't because everyone knows McCain would be too scared. His "Straight-Talk Express" took a detour 8 years ago.

Isn't it funny that the guy who sponsers/writes campaign laws wins in the next election? Yet, has trouble following them himself. Did nobody notice that because of the decrease in donations allowed made the media the main and only source of information on candidates? And who does the media push off as being "conservative"?

I may have been born in the day, but it wasn't yesterday.

Mr. Music said...

I don't see a chance in hell of McCain accepting a debate with Paul for many political reasons. But yes it'd be a real hoot to watch.

Mike said...

I'll do some research on Barr. I have heard a little about him in discussions, but I don't know a lot.

Thanks everyone for your comments.