Thursday, April 17, 2008

Background Info

So, I think that it is appropriate that I let you all know a little bit about my political standings, to get a better understanding of my reasoning.
I am a registered republican (it wasn't my first choice either, but then independents don't get to vote in the primary elections here in New Mexico.) Speaking of New Mexico, that is where I currently reside.
I am very independent with my political thoughts. My parents nor my friends have an influence on who I vote for. Using food as an example: I won't vote for Pizza just because it is the most popular, I have to have my reasons to vote for it. (Pizza would get my vote, just so you know.)
I pay very close attention to debates, current events, television ads to see if any of the candidate's thoughts and comments make sense. Bashing a candidate on false pretenses in television ads or something that happened what seemed centuries ago and has no real impact on the candidate as a person -- goes down as a negative in my book. Debates are fun to watch. I remember a couple years ago in the 1st congressional district, Patricia Madrid was running against incumbent Heather Wilson. During a debate, Wilson asked Madrid a question relating to tax increase; Madrid then stumbled and failed to answer the question. (You can view the question on YouTube here... I promise, it's pretty funny.)
I do, however, listen to what people around me have to say. If someone has a valid argument, I take into consideration what they have to say, but do my research first before coming to conclusions. (You know how biased people are when rallying for their candidate.)
I do not vote by party. That is probably the dumbest thing you can do. During the last election when the democrats took over the House and Senate, a lot of people probably just voted straight democratic, just because they were upset with the Bush Administration and how the republican controlled congress had handled the war. (Which by the way, we are still in.) Some democratic candidates might be better than the republican opposition, and vice versa.

Hopefully this will help you understand my thinking, though it may not always be clear.