Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Endorsement for Obama!

Politico is reporting that Congresswoman Lois Capps announced that her superdelegate vote will be for Barack Obama. Capps, who has in the past been a supporter of the Clintons, says “Barack Obama is the better choice because of something larger and perhaps more important. Simply put, he has made a call to the better angels of our nature." This is a big endorsement for Obama. Capps has been a long time health advocate and serves on the Committee on Energy and Commerce. One thing that is also very good for Obama: Capps is the Democratic Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues. Although Hillary has been getting a majority of the women's vote in just about every state, do you think this could turn the tide a little bit for Obama?
So far in endorsements today: Obama has picked up 3 superdelegates while Clinton has only picked up 2.

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