Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sorry Obama fans, Clinton takes Pennsylvania

I have to say, I'm truly sorry for Obama supporters. I was really rooting for him tonight. All major stations have projected Clinton to win Pennsylvania tonight, but by how much? Obama currently is fluctuating between 4-10% behind Clinton. If he can keep it under 10%, I still think he is in good standing.
What Clinton is doing to the democrats by dragging this out longer, is making it more likely that Republicans will take office come January. Obama leads the popular vote by 800,000, and has won more states than Clinton. A commenter on the Caffetry File tonight said that the only thing Clinton leads in is the number of pantsuits. (That made me laugh)
Obama currently leads by 18 points in North Carolina... not sure about Indiana where he is holding a rally tonight. With Clinton's campaign in serious debt, she will have to spend wisely in order to gain support.
Do you think Pennsylvania will have a big impact like the media is spicing it up to be?

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