Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama rising, Clinton falling. Do or Die for Clinton

Today in Pennsylvania, we all know that if Hillary Clinton somehow doesn't win, she will be pressured to step down from the race. (But, she is 9 points ahead of Obama in the latest polls... but not everyone is surveyed of course.) Obama, I think has a chance to win Pennsylvania. There have been almost 23,000 new voter registrations (if I can recall the statistic well from last night), and as proven in other states, Obama has taken the majority of the new voters.
I really think Hillary Clinton hurt herself yesterday on Larry King Live. She made some very idiotic comments, trying to portray herself as Barack Obama. She called herself "the image of change" which is what everyone has been calling Barack Obama over this whole election series. Then, at the end of her interview, she told a story about a man who has been disabled for some time who told her that she was the reason that he will vote for the first time. I mean... do these sob stories really work? I can remember a while back when Clinton was falling behind, she broke out into tears at some breakfast or something... then her ratings started to rise again. Then, she comes out and attacks Barack Obama like there is no tomorrow (at yet continues to fail doing so). It's almost as if she is undecided as to what kind of campaign she wants to run.
I was hoping that the interview would have lasted longer. I was really looking forward to hearing more about her in comparison to Barack Obama. Maybe she would have put out there that she is the reason that there is hope for our country. (Wait... that's Obama's reasoning!)
What are your thoughts? Do sob stories work on you?
Another general question: Does anyone know a place on the web where I can find a "schedule" of sorts for when debates and interviews will take place? This way I don't miss any of them... I almost missed the one last night.

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