Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun with Clinton's picture

So one of my friends was over last night, and she is a big time Obama supporter. We both like to play around a bit with Photoshop, and she found a couple images of Hillary Clinton that she thought were too good to pass up. (This is when she was having her moment at a news conference saying "Shame on you Barack Obama!") I thought I would share them with you all just for a laugh. Feel free to comment! (This in no way reflects my opinion of Hillary, I'll try to get some of Obama and McCain up when I get time, ideas are welcome!) By the way, I thought of a few topics last night that I'll be posting on throughout the day today. So stay tuned!

This is my favorite one... it looks more realistic than the one below.

Original pictures from, edited with Photoshop.
*Edit- for those of you using Internet Explorer and are having trouble viewing the photos... you can view them here and here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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James said...

It is good to see people with a sense of humor getting politically involved. I have not seen this much new voter involvement since 1968 and Robert Kennedy.