Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama supporters back their superdelegates

On Tuesday, Kentucky Congressman Ben Chandler endorsed Barack Obama - and received a lot of slack for it. A quote from

Denis Fleming, Chandler's chief of staff, said that the congressman's offices in Lexington and Washington had received about 300 phone calls opposing his decision -- and only five in favor -- by about 2:30 p.m. yesterday.

Some of the calls, he said, were "racially insensitive," while other callers simply said that Chandler should have waited until after Kentucky's May 20 primary or should have endorsed Clinton.

The "racially insensitive" remarks didn't bode well for the Obama supporters. An article on the Daily Kos was written and it sparked an outrage. What Obama supporters did, is what they have been doing all along, and that is fund raising. Within 40 minutes of posting the news and asking for donations for Chandler's campaign, Obama supporters (with the help of ActBlue) raised $2,500. Just under 12 hours later, that amount reached $15,000 and it continues to rise thanks to Obama supporters.
As of 9:45 AM Mountain Standard Time today they have raised a total of $20,125 for Ben Chandler's campaign.
I highly encourage you to read the article on the Daily Kos, it is something else!


What are you waiting for? said...

Please... Ron Paul supporters coast to coast are funding and volunteering to campaign for hundreds of candidates this year; from congressmen to county delegates. Many are in fact running for office as 'Ron Paul Republicans'. Long distance runners these revolutionaries are. And when they are pissed off or suspicious of corruption they will not hesitate to raise the resources through simple grassroots methods to fight it. Hell, they were pissed about the NH primary's lack of a paper trail. In 48 hours they raised $65,000 on, located an eligible and sympathetic candidate on the ballot, Albert Howard, to initiate an official recount, flew him to NH that night and gave him the money and support to see it through! Mind you the people who pulled this off were merely unpaid, grassroots, and net roots supporters. I believe it was the first presidential recount in history exclusively demanded and paid for by... well, the internet. I mean The People!

Bottom line? Wou wanna see how a political revolution works today? Look no further than you local GOP meetings and conventions... they are there and not going anywhere. I think they smell blood...

Mike said...

Ron Paul supporters have done a good job with fund raising as well. I remember the day when they broke the 24 hour record while I was on my way home from school.
Obama supporters have also been known for their fund raising though, and showing their support for each other, which is why I posted this article.
I have to say, I believe Ron Paul will get my vote on June 3rd.

what are you waiting for? said...

You won't be alone Mike! And may I say, voting for Ron Paul in your first election is a hella-righteous way to start off a voting record. We should all feel fortunate that a candidate of this caliber is even running.

Mike said...

There are a lot of younger republicans who don't like McCain that will be voting for Ron Paul. Paul attracts the younger side of the Republican vote while Obama does the same with the Democratic vote.
Hopefully I can find time after I'm done with finals (2 weeks away!) to read his book, I've heard some good reviews about it.