Monday, April 21, 2008

Pennsylvania Preview - Obama and Clinton go at it

After six some odd weeks since the last primary, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going to see who wins Pennsylvania as the voters go to the polls. According to recent polls of voters, Clinton has expanded her lead on Obama, but Obama has been behind in polls before and came in and won. It has even been reported that Obama has been controlling the airwaves in Pennsylvania over the last week.
One thing Obama needs to do in order to win, is to get the small town votes. As we saw with Texas, Obama won a lot of the big city regions, but Clinton won the state by taking all of the smaller counties. Clinton needs to do the same, but in my opinion, I don't think she has done enough to win over the voters.
One of the main arguments recently has been health care. Clinton's plan supposedly covers everyone, while Obama's leaves out 15 million people. However, if people chose to opt out of Clinton's health care plan, there would be garnishment of wages, or other penalties. This would not pass in Congress (or at least I hope not), and then she and her advisers would have to sit down and think of another plan, while Obama's plan is more likely to succeed. It's funny how Clinton attacks Obama for leaving out people, while her plan won't even pass, and it will take longer to get set up.
While Obama and Clinton keep fighting for delegates, John McCain is cruising along trying to secure his votes for the general election. This is hurting the democratic party with their hopes of securing the presidency. Something needs to be done so they can get on with the general election, and work harder on promoting their candidate. It's kind of hard to do that when two of them are fighting, don't you think?
So, on this Pennsylvania eve, who do you think will win?

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