Thursday, April 24, 2008

Interesting events over night - Obama gains delegates, Hillary Claims lead

Over the past couple of days, the media has been doubting Obama has his bid for the White House. Three super-delegates have said otherwise. Oregon Rep. David Wu, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry, and Audra Ostergard (Assoc. Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Committee) have all endorsed Obama. Meanwhile, Clinton has raised approximately $10 million since the Pennsylvania Primary. With all of this debate going on on whether Obama should drop out, or Clinton should drop out, you can see that neither campaign's fan base is giving up on their candidate.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was on Larry King last night arguing for Obama. To me, this was shocking to see. I mean... CNN having someone on Obama's side being interviewed? It almost seems appalling. He said that the Clinton supporters think that "they are a dynasty" and they are "clinging to the throne."
After all of this, I woke up this morning and read that Hillary Clinton is claiming that she is in the lead of the popular vote. Sure, that is if you include Michigan and Florida. Michigan didn't even have Obama's name on the ballot, and neither candidate was allowed to campaign in Florida. If she wants to claim the lead and include those two states, then it should be done just how all of the other 50 states have done it. Both of them campaigning, both of them on the ballot, and both of them going after each other. Until that happens, you have no right to claim the popular vote lead.
So now that Clinton has some momentum going, do you think she will be able to do well in North Carolina and Indiana? Do you agree with Bill Richardson's comments? What is your opinion on Michigan and Florida?

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Anonymous said...

Three words:

Period. All the rest is BS. No candidate can win if +50% of the people do not believe/trust them.