Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton makes no sense

So right now, I am watching Hillary Clinton on Larry King (CNN). King just showed her a clip of Obama saying it's time for change, etc. Hillary responded by saying "I am the image of change." I mean... what the heck? Clinton has been in politics for 20 years, and has been a senator the whole time throughout the George W. Bush era, and has YET to prove that she is capable of change. Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, hasn't made any solid argument against Bush until she saw that the country was unhappy with how things were being run. It's like John Kerry all over again! She's going with the "popular" vote of the country, and I bet if one day the country says they are all for the Iraq war, she will be for the Iraq war. I really don't want another few years of not being able to make up your mind for yourself.

I will probably edit this post as time goes on throughout this interview. I sent in a question to be asked, but it's a 1 in a million shot that it will be selected. (One can hope)

For those of you watching this interview, or seeing bits and pieces as well, what do you think?


Giovanni said...

In this critical day, even if the public buys Larry's excuse "CNN invited Obama, who could not attend",
who does CNN choose for immediate comment about Clinton interview?
Two clearly anti-Obama commentators!!!
(Dee Dee Myers - Bill Clinton's former press secretary and
Tony Snow - Bush's former press secretary).
Oh Please, give me a break!
Does CNN care about its reputation at all?
I immediately turned the TV off in disgust!

Mike said...

Well, I know that I've heard CNN called the Clinton News Network. I guess it all came into place, eh? Thanks for commenting.