Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama is continuing to rise!

Since the Pennsylvania primary in which Obama lost to Clinton, he still has momentum. I don't really care about the whole Rev. Wright story, sure it might make a couple voters think twice about him, but the media has blown it way out of proportion. The Clinton News Network (CNN) had a guest, Lanny Davis I think his name was. He is probably one of the most stuck up and idiotic guys I have ever seen called a political analyst (and I've seen a lot of them). If there is any reason to not vote for Clinton, I think that he is the main reason not to. His statistics were completely wrong, and his arguments didn't make any sense.
Anyway, I digress. Obama made progress today with his conference denouncing Rev. Wright's astonishing comments. And even with the current events, Obama has picked up more superdelegates than Clinton has. (It was 7 to 3 about Midday Tuesday as I write this post... with some other superdelegate saying they will cast a vote for Edwards)
The superdelegates are making their voices heard, and Clinton hasn't picked up any momentum since her win in Pennsylvania.
Why do you think Clinton can't pick up any momentum? Why can't she take advantage of the situation at hand?

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