Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama and Clinton battle it out for Pennsylvania

First off, I want to thank god that New Mexico wasn't a "sought after" state in the primaries. We only had a couple ads here and there on T.V. from both Clinton and Obama, and they were only 30 seconds each. McCain has had ads launched here for about a month now, a waste of campaign funds in my opinion... but I digress. Clinton and Obama have been fighting in what seems a death match for Pennsylvania to hopefully gain momentum going into the last leg. Obama keeps reminding Clinton of her death-defying moment when she was caught in sniper fire and Clinton keeps bashing Obama on his health plan. (Both parties have negative ads running about their opponent's health care plan) From my point of view, neither of their health plans look very appealing. Heck, NONE of the candidates' do.
According to CNN Obama is controlling the airways in Pennsylvania for the majority of the time up to the primary on Tuesday. Do you think this will help him out? Do T.V. ads have any influence on you at all, or do you just fast forward through them with your DVR/TiVo?
With the backing that Obama has gotten in Pennsylvania, I think he has the upper hand, but you never know. After all, Bush was never supposed to win New Mexico in either election, and look where that lead him.

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