Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Up Next: Indiana and North Carolina -- Obama leads in both

We are two weeks away from the next two important states in the Democratic Race for the nomination. After Clinton took a convincing win in Pennsylvania by 9 points, Obama now needs to focus on Indiana. Only leading by 5 points in the latest polls, he needs to make sure that Clinton doesn't catch up to him, or even take the lead. It would be even better if he could widen the margin to 10 or so points. Obama has to keep his cool, and not make any slip ups while addressing issues brought up by the two front attack. He can't do what Clinton did in Pennsylvania and lose his lead, and make it come close. (He currently leads in North Carolina by 13 points)
Speaking of the two front attack, here is something to think about. Do you see John McCain attacking Hillary Clinton? Nope. You see him attacking Barack Obama. With this, you can see that McCain and his campaign, as well as the Republican Party are wanting to face Hillary Clinton since she will be the easiest to beat come November. They are worried about Obama and his momentum that he carries for long periods of time.
So, when you go to the polls for your primaries (if you are one of the few states left to do so), and you really want a democrat to be in office (or just don't want McCain in office), you should vote for Barack Obama. With McCain worried about him, he is obviously worried that Obama can beat him come November.
-- Just a note today --
Barack Obama Received 49 more endorsements today, a lot of them super-delegates.
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Anonymous said...

How does Hillary winning 9% somehow amount to "a 10% win"? Are you just bad at math?

Anonymous said...

Clinton has 55% of the vote, Obama 45%. 55-45= 10
His math is fine.

Mark said...

well ACTUALLY according to the same source you are quoting from hillary recieved 1,260,208 and senator barack obama recieved 1,045,444 for a combined total of 2,305,652
now if you divide hillary's total of 1,260,208 by the total number of votes cast 2,305,652 then hillary won by 54.65 rounded to the nearest hundredth of a vote that means obama came in with 45.35 percent of the vote now with some quick subtraction 54.65 Minus 45.35 hillary clinton won the primary by 9.3 percent even if you round it hillary does not win by double digits. his math is actually wrong and all the claims just as false.

Anonymous said...

Blame CNN then, not him.

I see valid points to his arguments. Why don't you agree? Just don't come out and disagree, give a reason.

Mike said...

Thanks for pointing that out Mark. I admit fault.
I created a new post so we can discuss what the last commenter said.
Thanks for commenting.