Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just a little introduction to what I hope to be a successful blog.
I recently turned 18 years old, and, as you know, there is a presidential election coming up. Being my first election, I'm weighing the pros and cons of each candidate to see which one I should vote for. I refuse to vote by party, or affiliation. Just because someone may be a republican doesn't mean I won't vote for them, or for them. No bias is taken.
In this blog, I will post about news on each candidate, and share my opinion. As we all know, the media seems to think that what a candidate says and does affects a good many of the voter's decisions. I may be unique, I may not be. Something that one of the candidates say may tick me off beyond extreme, it may not even have an impact on my feelings about them.
The best thing about this blog, in my opinion, is that comments are welcome about the events that occur on the campaign trail. Share my opinion? Disagree? Tell me why; you may have a valid point.
So, here's to November and hopefully a better four years than the last four have been!

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