Friday, May 9, 2008

New Mexico Add-on for Obama

There was a lot of controversy here in New Mexico when Laurie Weahkee was chosen as our add-on superdelegate. At the time, Weahkee claimed to be undecided, but there was speculation that she might endorse Obama because, coming from a Native American background, there has been a lot of support from Obama from the Native Americans. Hillary Clinton won New Mexico by a slim-margin, but has gotten the support of 6 superdelegates so far including Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish and Albuqueruqe mayor Martin Chavez.
There was a lot reported on the subject on the news and in the Albuquerque Journal, asking questions about whether Brian Colón, chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico appointed Weakhee because he knew she would endorse Obama (Colón later endorsed Obama on May 5th). You can read more about the controversy on Heath Haussamen's blog.
Weahkee became the 270th superdelegate to endorse Obama according to his blog.

New Mexico has 11 of 12 of their superdelegates supporting a candidate. Clinton has 6, while Obama has 5. Congressman Tom Udall has yet to endorse a candidate, but there has been speculation that he has been leaning towards Obama. (He insists, however, that he is still uncommitted.)

In other New Mexico politics news, I got polled the other day by the Steve Pearce campaign. Congressman Pearce is running against Congressman Heather Wilson for Pete Domenici's vacated seat. I am supporting Heather Wilson in this race, and probably will support her all the way through to the general election. (I hope others will do the same, she has done great things for New Mexico.)

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