Monday, May 5, 2008

Conservatives not phased by Obama relation

During the past few weeks, there has been a lot of media speculation as to how placing Barack Obama beside a potential democratic congressman would affect the election. In Louisiana's 6th Congressional District election, Don Cazayoux (a democrat) and Woody Jenkins (a republican) vied for the voters to be elected to congress, in a remotely vast conservative district, including the Baton Rouge area. (The republicans have held the seat for more than twenty years!)
The National Republican Congressional Committee contributed more than $1 million to try and hold the seat, even placing ads trying to tie Cazayoux to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, asking whether Obama and Pelosi are right for Louisiana. (You can view the ad here.)
On Saturday, a total of 101,011 6th District voters went to the polls, and elected Don Cazayoux to congress 49.20% to 46.27%. (Full results here.)

The Republicans tried all they could so they would be able to hold this seat, but failed. The attempt to try and spoil the election by tying Obama to Rep. Cazayoux didn't work - and that should be an eyeopener to the superdelegates. This mainly conservative district wasn't phased by the relation to Obama, and that could be a sign for the general election.
If I read correctly, the Republicans now hold only 199 seats in the House, and there is another hyped up battle in the 1st congressional district in Mississippi between Travis Childers (democrat) and Greg Davis (republican). We will see how this election turns out soon.

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