Sunday, May 4, 2008

John McCain or Ron Paul? Tell me!

The New Mexico Primary is just under one month away, and Ron Paul is still on the ballot, and I have not left him off my radar.
This is your chance to tell me which candidate you think is better (I listen to all arguments and comments). I have (will have) a poll on the right side of the page under navigation so I can get a feeling for what people are feeling - But! please remember that comments tell more than just a few numbers. It is very stupid to make a decision, or have your decision influenced by polls.
I'll give some thoughts on who I'm thinking of voting for right now. At this moment, I am leaning towards Ron Paul. Now, I know it is highly unlikely that he will be the nominee, but it is more of sending a "message" to John McCain that I am not happy with his policies, most importantly his stance on the economy and the Iraq war.

So, what do you think? John McCain or Ron Paul?

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Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the best choice. He is against the war on Iraq and has been since the beginning. McCain wouldn't mind our presence in Iraq for 100 more years.
Plus, Ron Paul agrees with Obama on some issues... now that is who you should vote for in November!