Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Super Tuesday Part II Analysis - Obama's night

I was keeping my eye on the T.V. and computer all night. We all knew from the beginning that Obama would take North Carolina, but I wasn't expecting it by so much. Didn't recent polls say Clinton got within 6-8 points? The one I kept my eye on all night (like most of the nation) was Indiana. It went from about a 22 point lead, down to 18, to 16, to 14, then finally down to Clinton having 50.7% of the vote and Obama having 49.3% of the vote. Clinton won by about 1.4%. (I did my homework this time folks!)
One thing that puzzled me all night was Lake County. I was watching CNN when the mayor from Hammond and the mayor form Gary were arguing about why the votes were taking so long to count. (The mayor from Hammond made a fool out of Mayor Clay.) The mayor from Hammond even suggested earlier that there might be some suspicious activity going on. Well, if there was some shady things going on, then I think Obama would have won by a larger margin.
All in all, I think it was a great night for Obama. Coming off of a hard last few weeks, being ridiculed about every movement, and standing up against John McCain's gas tax, he did better than I expected him to... especially in Indiana where according to Polls, Clinton had a 4-6 point lead. Look for a ton of superdelegates to make their way to Obama today. One already has, and he switched over from supporting Clinton. (Edit: Upon looking into this, it doesn't look like he is a superdelegate, rather just an endorser.) Another Edit: It appears as if 4-5 more superdelegates endorsed Obama today.

I now think it is time for Clinton to drop out. She loaned her campaign an additional $6.4 million last month, and there is no way that she can raise enough money to make any decent strides. (Although West Virginia and Kentucky look very much in play for her) When she was making her speech last night, and I looked at Bill Clinton, he didn't have a smile on his face. It was like he was staring into space... or at something else if you get my drift.

I just want to add one more thing before I close. I love it when Lanny Davis goes onto CNN to add his opinion... he makes such a fool out of himself. I remember him talking about last night about democratic states that Hillary will win that Obama won't, and he mentioned Utah. I mean... euhm... Utah is probably one of the most, if not THE most, republican state in the US. Does he even check his facts before talking? Probably not. I can't wait for Flavia Colgan to get on there in a debate with him again so she can make an even bigger fool out of him like she always does.

Do you think it's time for Clinton to drop out? Is there any chance left?

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